We will resume selling our LC guide on September 1, 2021.  We are in the process of updating it into an online version and making sure it references the new IES Lighting Library.  In the meantime, please leave us your name and email so that we can notify you once our online resources are ready for sale again.

LC Sample Exam Guide: Practice Makes Perfect

Next Lighting Certification Exam: November 5, 2021

Time left to Lighting Certification Exam

Passing the Lighting Certification Exam (LCE) is a necessary step to becoming a recognized lighting professional through the NCQLP. Perhaps you've picked up a few of the recommended reading materials such as the IES Lighting Handbook, 10th edition. However, do you know how to make the best use of your study time?

Trying to pass this 180-question 4-hour exam without trying a number of sample questions is like trying to drive a car by just reading the manual. It is nearly impossible to learn something well without:
a) doing the real thing; or
b) simulating the real thing

Regrettably, the NCQLP doesn't release sample/old exams for practicing (as this would create a lot of extra work to come up with new questions each year). Luckily, we are independent of the NCQLP and we have collected and developed our own practice questions based on the exam scope and syllabus.


Having the ability to practice a full-length multiple choice practice exam can make the difference between passing and having to re-write. Consider our LC Sample Exam Guide if you:

  • you want to pass on your first try (and get well above the scaled passing score of 70)
  • you want to save time and quickly identify areas where you need more studying
  • you don't want to fail and put off getting your credentials (and perhaps a career promotion or raise) for another year

Failing the LCE can cost you upwards of $10,000 when you factor in:

  • the cost to rewrite $575-$675
  • your time to re-study the exam (your hourly rate x 100-150 hours)
  • 1 year's worth of lost salary increase or a new job opportunity

The LC Sample Exam Guide is a .PDF eBook available for instant download that includes:

  • 40+ definitions used to speed up material comprehension;
  • 8 tips for writing multiple choice exams;
  • Up to 180 multiple choice questions and solutions with author explanation or textbook page reference;
  • Questions written and edited by Lighting Certified Professionals;
  • Continuously updated content; and
  • 100% money back guarantee if you don't pass the exam.

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Don't delay, time is running out!

Who is behind the LC Exam Guide?

My name is Gavin Simone and I created the LC Sample Exam Guide to help aspiring lighting professionals answer the questions: Where do I start studying? and Am I ready for this exam? In this guide, I've laid out a study method that has worked for me on other professional exams and has proven to be effective for dozens of people. I continually collaborate and listen to recent exam writers who graciously provide feedback which enables me to constantly make this guide the best it can be.
By giving exam writers lots of practice doing mock exam questions that aim to mimic the exam format and difficulty, students of this product are able to easily identify any areas where they need to focus more study effort.
I've been working in the construction industry for over 7 years and have been published in several magazines including Construction Canada Magazine. In addition to my interest in lighting, I hold the following designations: Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Project Management Professional (PMP) and LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP). You can connect with me through our contact page.