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Sample LC Exam

  • 180 practice questions. Try them by syllabus category or all mixed together. 100 are multiple-choice and 80 are case study multiple-choice.
  • An exam crib sheet.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to network with other writers and have your lighting questions answered weekly by our LC consultant.
  • Guarantee: If you don't pass your exam, you'll have a choice between:
    • 100% refund; OR
    • access to our updated questions, resources and support for the following year.

Trying to pass this 180-question 4-hour exam without trying a number of sample questions is like trying to drive a car by just reading the manual. It is nearly impossible to learn something well without:

  • doing the real thing; or
  • simulating the real thing
  • want to pass on your first try (and get well above the scaled passing score of 70)
  • want to save time and quickly identify areas where you need more studying
  • don't want to fail and put off getting your credentials (and perhaps a career promotion or raise) for another year
  • the cost to rewrite $575-$675
  • your time to re-study the exam (your hourly rate x 100-150 hours)
  • 1 year's worth of lost salary increase or a new job opportunity

Our practice exam has been used by over 500 LCs and aspiring lighting professionals.


180 sample NCQLP LC exam questions...

...will help you reinforce what you know and identify knowledge gaps.

100 Multiple Choice Questions


Our 100 practice multiple-choice questions (MCQs) follow the current NCQLP syllabus from topics I.A.1 through III.C.

Private LC Facebook Group


Network with other writers, get your lighting questions answered by our LC consultant and see what others are asking.

80 Case Study Questions


We have 16 cases with 5 questions each for a total of 80. They cover the current topics office, retail, hospitality and entertainment, sports and recreation, education, health care, transport, museum, worship, libraries, government, residential, manufacturing, warehouse and exterior.

Exam Crib Sheet



Material based on current syllabus
Covers all topics and include cases
Unlimited attempts of practice questions
Private Facebook Group access
Pass the exam or choose 100% refund or access/support for next year


Identify your weeknesses
Reinforce knowledge already gained
Practice pacing yourself with a timer
Network with other writers
Score higher

LC Lighting Exam Prep - Expert Advice

Elissa Patterson, B.Arch, LC
Elissa Patterson, B.Arch, LC

As part of your purchase, you'll receive weekly support through a private LC Exam Facebook Group.

From August 15 to November 15, when you are studying the most, our consultant, Elissa Patterson, B.Arch., LC, will be joining our private LC Facebook group to answer your questions.

Elissa holds an undergraduate degree in Conservation and Sustainable Architecture from Carleton University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Lighting Design from Ryerson University. Elissa is a seasoned lighting specialist with experience as a manufacturer's representative, an independent consultant, and a project manager and lighting designer on various energy and lighting projects. Focused on street and area lighting, Elissa passed the LC exam in 2018; she is keen to help you do the same!

A look inside the members' area

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. This practice exam and our private Facebook support are there to complement your self-study for the exam material. It's a great way to help you reinforce your knowledge and identify gaps in it. 

Yes, you can log in from any device to access and use the course. An internet connection is required. A laptop or desktop size screen is recommended as this is what you will be using for the exam.

With 180 questions you can do it in one day or spread it out over a few days. We allow you to do all the 180 questions in different ways:

  • All at once
  • By groups of 10 questions
  • By syllabus topic (I, II and III, office, retail, etc.)

You can use the exam simulator as much as you want as long as your membership is active. It is for personal use, so we don't permit others to use your account. Thank you for understanding. 

From your date of purchase until November 30 of the same year.

Yes. Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you become unable to attend your exam and need to reschedule it later. Because this could happen to anyone, we will send you an email 3 days prior to when your course access expires to offer you an extra year of access and support for just $77 USD. This helps us cover basic costs for things like the hosting of e-learning content, Facebook question support and updates.

However, if you write the exam and are unsuccessful, then you get your choice of a full refund or continued access and support until you pass.

Following payment, you'll receive instant access to the course. In step 1 of the course, there are instructions on how to request access to the group.

Sorry, that will have to be purchased separately if you wanted to use it.  It is not included in our sample LC exam.  

Since the LC exam is only written by about 500 people per year, most companies don't offer anything for exam writers. We are happy to help out aspiring LCs by ensuring that our practice exam questions are kept current with the latest syllabus and we attempt to make it of similar difficulty to your exam. Our private Facebook group is also there to let you network with other writers and have your questions answered.

Yes. Whether you pay with PayPal or credit card, your information is not shared with us. PayPal or Stripe (who handles the credit card checkout) encrypts your credit card information and does not share it with anyone, including LightingCertificationHelp.com. 

You'll receive an email receipt within 5 minutes of your purchase.  It has all of our business information, your address and the payment amount – which will be sufficient for your company's accounting team if you're expensing the purchase. 

If you don't pass your exam, you'll have a choice between:

    • 100% refund; OR
    • access to our updated questions, resources and support for the following year.